In Pakistan, you buy vape pod kits online:

The most popular options for new users wanting to stop smoking include pod systems, also referred to as MTL Vapes, mouth-to-lung devices, and vape pens. With JUUL’s introduction of Nicotine Salt, MTL devices first became well-known. Before then, most consumers would use direct-to-lung vapes, which were bigger and had greater power. With technological developments, improved performance, and the introduction of nicotine salts, MTL devices have become much more popular recently, allowing consumers to use nicotine salts at more significant concentrations without experiencing the uncomfortable throat hit they usually anticipate.

Cost of vape pods in Pakistan

MTL vapes cost as little as PKR 2499 in Pakistan.

The Uwell series is now one of the best-selling Pod Vape kits.


What benefits do Pod systems offer?

For smokers who prefer to stop, pod systems are the preferred vaporizer. The following are some benefits MTL devices provide:

  • Mobility

The majority of MTL gadgets are compact, stylish, and portable. Coil and pod changes are essential. Moreover, refill pretty easy in these gadgets is relatively easy.

  • Design

These gadgets are svelte, compact, and portable. These gadgets are elegant, so you may carry them discretely without drawing unwanted attention. Additionally, the small dimensions make carrying them in our pockets simple.

  • Price

Surprisingly, MTL vapes are substantially less expensive than DL gadgets. The low wattage and compact size are the reasons for the lower cost. Additionally, MTL vapes cost less daily than box mods because they consume less E-liquid.

  • Covert vaping

MTL vaporizers are the best for covert vaping. Users believe it is suited for indoor use because it creates less vapor. You can see the difference by comparing it to marijuana or tobacco smoke.

Cigarette vs. Vape Pod

Many smokers are giving up the habit and switching to vaping these days. What are the advantages of quitting smoking, and how might vaping assist individuals in leading smoke-free lives?

Smoking’s adverse effects on health

Smoking is terrible for your health, as everyone knows. More people than ever before are concerned about their health. The most famous poisonous gas in tobacco smoke is carbon monoxide, one of thousands of dangerous compounds that cause cancer and heart disease. Tar, another substance that causes cancer, is also present in tobacco smoke.

However, the vapor generated by electronic cigarettes contains extremely few compounds and neither tar nor carbon monoxide. Because of this, vaping is far safer than smoking.

Pod kits and nicotine salts are launched.

Although vaping has been around for a while, it wasn’t until the development of Pod/MTL kits and Nicotine Salt e-liquids that it became widely accepted.

Because of these developments, vaping is now considerably more gratifying for smokers and mimics the effects of smoking.

No-Smell Experience

There is no denying that most people dislike the smell of cigarette smoke. Smokers know this, but their urges to smoke make them do otherwise.

When compared to smoking, vaping is almost odorless and, after a few hours, rarely leaves any odor indoors. Additionally, unlike smoking, vaping does not leave behind a foul aftertaste.

Numerous Unique Flavors

The e-liquid flavors available for vaping include coffee, dessert, drinks, dry fruit/nuts, fruits, mint/menthol/ice, sweets, and tobacco. Vaping is far more tempting than smoking because of the variety of flavors available.

You should have enough motivation from this to stop smoking and switch to vaping.


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